Selecting a college or university isn’t as simple as picking out a new phone, it can actually seem to be pretty stressful for some people.

Deciding which schools to apply to, how much you'll need to cover the cost, and where you'll live, all of these are factors you should consider when searching for the college experience that best suits you and your unique needs.

But don’t worry, we’re here to help you.

Here are the main 5 key factors you should keep in mind when choosing which college/university to apply to:


1) Know Your Long-Term Goals

It's important to know what exactly you want to get out of your education before you apply to college or university. 

Are you studying with a particular job in mind? What career will your education qualify you for?


2) Consider Your Major

Not every school offers every major, so before you start applying, think about what you want to study. Then you can decide which schools match your interests and avoid applying to ones that don't have the degree program you want.


3) Inspect The Location 

It's all about location. Not all your career preparation will happen inside of the classroom, so make sure your school is located where you'll have opportunities outside of the classroom. 

Also, choose a campus that is near your home, don’t waste your time and money on transportation.

You don’t have to cross the country to have a better education, try to search for colleges that satisfy your needs across the area.


4) Compare Cost

Most universities will provide a breakdown of fees in their application documents or on their websites. Some of these fees may vary by program or department. Do your best to estimate what your annual tuition will cost. Don't forget that you'll also be responsible to pay other costs like an application fee, administrative costs, and students' union fees. 


5) Campus Life

Once you have narrowed the search and settled on a list of potential colleges, visit each campus in person. You can look at all of the photographs and campus videos that you like, but a virtual tour simply won’t offer the same experience that a live campus tour will.


And the most important thing when choosing a college is whether you feel comfortable on campus or not, so make sure to visit the campus, have a closer look at it and feel its vibes.