You might wonder why an educational institute is writing about an island in the Americas!

Cape Breton Island is our destination to go! Since we have solid partnership for 15 years with Cape Breton University, we have been sending students to continue their studies there.

We usually talk about the partnership between CIC & CBU, the quality education, the transfer and exchange programs, and the admission process, but today we wanted to give you another side of the story! It’s the island life.

The #1 Island Destination in the Americas

Condé Nast Traveler recently named Cape Breton Island the number one island in the Americas. If you are not a traveler and you are not familiar with Condé Nast Traveler; it is luxury and lifestyle travel magazine published in 1987 in the United States. The magazine has won 25 National Magazine Awards and has over 4 Million monthly users digitally. So when it mentions a destination it is worth looking up.

Island Life on CB!

The scenery is literally beyond imagination! It is like nothing you’ve seen before. The mountains, the sea and the trail. Oh, the Cabot Trail! The most picturesque drive in North America. A must-do once you reach the island.

The routine on the island is different than the city, so if you are going there from Cairo as we did you’ll definitely feel the difference of the vibes. The atmosphere and the colors of nature you are always surrounded with leave no room for tension. You get to chill, relax and explore.


If you are a traveler by heart then you’d definitely enjoy Cape Breton. As mentioned you have multiple options for hike including the picturesque hike on the Cabot Trail.




There is always the chance of whale watching! Yes you read that right, whale watching.

You can arrange a day-trip to the Fortress of Louisbourg National Historic Site. A site that recreates the French fortress as it was built in 1744. Once you enter the historic site you feel like you time-traveled to the 17th century. You are saluted by costumed soldiers, cooks, orderlies, musicians, gardeners and artisans who dress like the old times. It’s a great place to spend the day, take pictures and know the history through the guided tours.










If you are into sea food then there is no better place to have the MOST DELICIOUS lobster ever! And since we are on the topic of FOOD! You can find a variety of options on the island, from lobsters to burgers to Lebanese and Egyptian authentic dishes. You can have it all, there is no limitation specially - and we mention that proudly - that our students are leaving their fingerprints on the island. An Egyptian restaurant opened lately and the owners were the parents of an Egyptian student studying at CBU! Also, 2 new restaurants were opened as our very own Ahmed Nagy - known as Nagy Abdou (CIC student) started his own business there even before graduation.




White Winter? Always!

Winter is not the same on the island. Since we have never experienced a white winter in Egypt, spending a snowy winter in Canada is a new adventure. Our students have experienced it first hand and this is how it looked like.












So, whether you are gonna spend a semester or a full year on the island if not more, we are sure you’ll enjoy and feel like its home away from home.