CIC Students in Porsche & Mercedes! Here is Why

As July is coming to an end, we wanted to share the highlight of the month with you!

CIC Engineering students made to Germany in early July for a summer training in coordination with DAAD.

The students spent 2 weeks in Stuttgart, Germany where they attended a summer course in Mechanical Engineering ISSMD. The students spent their first-week basically on the University campus, a full study day from 9:00 am - 5:00 pm. The first week included 2 important visits to INDEX & Porsche Museum

The second week consisted basically of more field visits where the students got to visit Mercedes Benz Factory, IMI Norgen GmbH Factory, and Festo Factory as well.

CIC is always keen on providing its students with the chance to practically apply what they learn in class and that is why our academic staff are always helping students and helping them get the right opportunities that would add to their excellence.