CIC gives its students the chance to embark on a new life adventure once they enroll. Enrolling in the Dual program at CIC makes you eligible to travel to Canada and study there at Cape Breton University. Hundreds of students have transferred and came back with lots of success stories to be told. Some students travel through the Transfer program and continue their lives in Canada. Sohaila Abdo was one of those students who together with her husband put roots together in Cape Breton Island.

How it began?

Sohaila was a dual program student who transferred to CBU with no plans to stay. “When I moved here, I had a return ticket to Cairo. I enjoyed my time here, but in the back of my mind, I was thinking about going home.” Sohaila said in her interview with And that was the case as well for Zaharadeen Tuggar (Deeno), her husband. They both graduated from CBU, plans changed and they decided to stay for good!

Sohaila and Deeno got married. Years later got their young one Bilal. We met Deeno in our last trip to Cape Breton University as he was working there.




We then received the news that Sohaila was promoted to be a Manager at the Cape Breton Island Center for Immigration at New Dawn Center for Social Innovation.


This could be you- Sohaila- R3

“New Dawn welcomed me with open arms,” says Sohaila. “They not only accepted my religion and cultural differences, but actually viewed these things as assets to help them understand and support other newcomers .”

We, here at CIC, couldn't be prouder of Sohaila and her family. This could be you!

You can embark on a life changing experience as Sohaila and Deeno did! Head to the International Affairs office at your campus and ask about the Transfer and Exchange programs.

Meanwhile, you can read about studying in Canada here.