College Is Almost Over? Here Is What You Should Do. 



For all final year students, the college phase in your life is almost over, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy those last days, this happy ending deserves a celebration. 

So here are some of the things that you should do before leaving college.



Capture Those Last Moments

“Things may end, but memories will last forever”

Last days are always emotional, saying goodbye to your friends and Dr.s may not be the easiest thing to do.

But what you can actually do is to capture those special moments that will be in your memories for the whole lifetime. 

So go ahead, take out your mobile and start capturing every moment around you.




Plan a Trip Together.

Plan to go on a trip together at least once before this phase is over, because you never know when the next time you guys are going to be together again.

It doesn’t have to be something gigantic, maybe a Nile cruise, or a museum visit, or even a simple BBQ party would be great  




Don’t Forget To Thank Your Favorite Dr.

There is always that Dr. who has been there and supported you throughout your years of studying and never asked for anything in return.

A simple thank you note would be a great gesture from you. 



Get Your C.V. Ready!

And while you’re closing the door to an old chapter of your life, don’t forget to get ready for your next chapter.

Don’t waste your time after graduation as you may have some until you find a full time job, Try getting the most out of it,  start looking for courses you’re interested in, join an internship, training or a part time job for the summer, get your C.V full of experience as much as you can, and get ready for the working adult life. 

You can check out this link for tips regarding writing your C.V.


So are you ready SENIORS?

And don’t forget to share with us the things that you’re planning on doing on your last college days.