The Institute of Computer Science will open its doors to students this September for the first time. We collaborated with specialized institutes in this field of study to bring the best of the theoretical competence and analytical insight to students. The institutes & Universities we are collaborating with are Information Technology Institute - ITI (Ministry of Communications) & Faculty of Computer Science - Helwan University.

You Can Study in One of the Following Majors:

- Data Science

- Games Development

- Mobile & Cloud Computing


CIC Computer Science Institute offers Bachelor Degree in Computers and Information from the Computer Science Department. The Degree is specified by major and minor specializations. The major specialization is Applied Computer Science, while the minor one is selected from three alternatives. The alternative minors are Data Science, Game Development and Mobile and Cloud Computing. The study is the institute is based on a credit hour system. Students graduate after successfully completing 140 credit hours distributed among 43 subjects and passing Military Education. Our bachelor of Computer Science even though it's newly introduced to our programs of study at CIC this year, yet it is accredited from the Supreme Council of Universities. Meaning that upon graduation, students can register at the Syndicate related to their field of study and get licensed.

In Depth Into the Majors:


Data is an asset in business, and its accumulation over years is a wealth. If data is fully examined and analyzed, it will help any business to improve its market share. Students acquire advanced programming skills, statistics and mathematics, data wrangle, data intuition, advanced database management, machine learning and data visualization.


Games are becoming more and more popular especially after smart phones usage. Games are learning and entertainment tools not only for children but also for adults. Game development usually works in teams.


Mobile and Cloud Computing are booming and gaining more popularity. Mobile computing targets individuals’ needs and interests while Cloud Computing provides hardware, software and applications over the internet for organizations and governments. The major benefit of Cloud Computing is to release the burden of managing computing resources. Consequently, students need to acquire knowledge and skills in advanced database management, advanced programming skills, online data storage, networking, virtualization, Linux, web services, cloud security and disaster recovery, machine learning and cloud migration.


The application at CIC is usually done through TANSIK (online process through the following website: ). After your high-school final exams, you should apply online through Tansik where you need to fill 75 preferences and CIC has to be the first for Tansik to allocate your application at our institute.

You can always have the assistance from our admission advisiors during or before the admission process starts, keep an eye on our Facebook page this where you will find all the updates about CIC, and our admission advisors will be able to answer your messages from 8:00 AM - 4:00 PM from Sunday to Thursday.

Same working hours apply to our campus, you can visit us at our New Cairo Campus if you wish to apply at the Institute of Computer Science at the following address: Land # 6, Center Services, South of Police Academy, Fifth Settlement, New Cairo