The hot summer wave is hitting hard these days, some of us are obliged to go out because of exams whether thanweya amma or uni, some other are obliged because of their work, or you might just be running some errands. Chances are you will go out and get this hot air blowing your way.

It might get dangerous at times if you are not well-prepared for it.

How to be prepared? Stay Hydrated!

We came across this article on about hydration and its importance, it said: "Staying hydrated in the heat can be more challenging than in cooler temperatures because we lose a significant amount of fluid through our skin in the form of sweat, our hydration needs tend to be higher than when the temperature is more mild or cold." Jonah Soolman, RD, a nutritionist and certified trainer at Soolman Nutrition and Wellness in Wellesley, Mass. tells Health.

Hydration Made Easy!


We can't stress on the importance of pure water enough. In regular weather conditions the body needs 8 cups per day to stay nourished. BUT, summertime requires more!

So, invest in a NEW water bottle to save up buying one daily and also, to save the environment. Green campus speaking! Fill it with cold water every morning before you go out and watch your water intake.

DID YOU KNOW? That there are other types of water that will help but are also TASTY!

Check this out:

- Coconut water - you can easily get it from any super market, it has a coconut-y taste and magical benefits to your body.

- Cucumber water - easily made at home. Fill up your bottle with water, couple of slices of cucumber and you can add a leaf or two of mint along with some lemon slices. It will spice up that drink for you.



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Add to your dinner a big summer salad bowl that will keep water tucked in your body. Lettuce & cucumbers for example consist of 95% water, same for spinach and carrots and the list can go on.



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Who doesn't like a watermelon iced smoothie in a hot summer day? Our cravings for fresh smoothies is actually beneficial and would help a lot in keep you hydrated.

Pick up a lemon with mint smoothie, a watermelon one, or even a cocktail of all the good summer fruits and leave your body with heavenly feeling of freshness.