8 essential tips you should know in your 1st year of college to get through it as a winner.

#1 Never Say No!

Everything you’ve ever wanted is on the other side of your fear. Having that said we encourage you to get out of your comfort zone and never say no to campus activities, training, workshops or events.
The out-of-class experiences matter, it will add up to you, build your personality and shape your character.

#2 Create Your Balance!

Grades also matter! attend your lectures, tutorials, and online classes. It’s important to balance your college life; never miss any entertaining activity or any academic duty.

#3 Capture Each and Every Moment!

Live every moment, create memories, and capture them. After 4 years you’ll miss all the times you’ve lived and you’ll regret not capturing all the details, you will want to look back at those pictures, believe us we have been in your shoes once.

#4 Don’t Be Shy, Always Say Hi!

College friends motivate, support and encourage you through every step in your way, so never be shy to engage with strangers, you might actually walk out as lifetime best friends.

#5 Help Help Help!

We rise by lifting each other, so never say no to helping out academically or personally. Be positive and always support your colleagues, all the help will return back to you one day.

#6 Don’t dress like Khalaf!


Someone had to say it right? College is neither a social club or an opera house.
Glimpse at the following articles and take a hint.
Feminine outfit ideas and here is a guide for you too guys, click HERE.

#7 You Won't Be Allowed on Campus With THESE!

Outfits that you won’t be able to enter the campus gate if you’re wearing them:
Ripped jeans / Slippers / Shorts / Crocs
You will be required however, to wear your mask all the time.

#8 Covid-19 is Still Around!

As we are all back to campus, this doesn't mean that precautionary measures are loose. Corona-virus still exists, the world is expecting wave 2, and we are all praying we won't go through lock-down once again. So here are the steps you need to follow for you safety and the safety of everyone around.

-Wear a face mask (you won’t be allowed to campus without it)

-Bring your own personal belongings

-Stand in line to get your temperature measured

-Avoid close contact and keep social distance at least 2 meters

-Avoid touching your face

-Wash your hands frequently and use hand sanitizers

-Stay at home if you are not feeling okay. You will need to give a proper notice to your professors to secure your attendance.