Choosing your Graduation outfit may be a bit stressful. Many photos will be taken on this day, so you have to wear something that makes you look elegant and fancy yet not over the limit. And remember you will be in your outfit for a long time


And since graduation ceremonies are around the corner, we decided to help you choose your ultimate graduation look.

What should I wear to the graduation ceremony?


1) So let’s start with the colors

The most popular colors to wear for graduation are Black and White. 

But you can also go a little bit extra with some Shades of light blue, ivory, lilac, grey, and even pink are pretty and cute. The idea is to keep it simple, choosing a muted color palette. 


Your hood's color will be determined by your major at university, so make sure to wear something that matches the color of your hood


Color of the hood according to your School and Major:

Egyptian Program: Red

Dual Program: Green & Orange

Mass Communication: White & beige 



2) Your Top Will Show

Graduation gowns are cut low enough in the front to show a shirt or top, So here is what you should wear:

  • Men – A collared dress shirt and ties, and if you want to be extra, a blazer would be perfect!
  • Women – A modest cut or a collared blouse/Dress.



3) Pick Out The Right Bottoms

  • Women –  If you're not wearing a dress, then dress pants or a shorter skirt underneath the gown would solve the case, 
  •  Men – A dark-colored dress pants is the best thing you could wear, avoid light or bright colored bottoms.



4) Focus on your shoes 

You want to wear footwear that is comfortable but also smart, simple, dressy, and clean.

Avoid wearing heels, the day is full of energy and movement. You don’t want your feet to ache after a few hours.

  • Women – A strappy sandal will look femine and will definitely bring out the look. 
  • Men – You want something that is comfortable ,but still shows you as a man of style, taste and influence.   


Looking forward to seeing all of your outfits!

And remember you’ve worked hard to get here, don’t let this day pass by without capturing each and every moment.