Remote work is on the rise!

According to Upwork freelancing platform, there is an 87% increase in the number of remote workers prior to Covid-19 pandemic. Let's tell you why!

More people than ever want to become freelancers. You work from home, you have control over your time and money, and you are able to pick your clients and projects.

While it sounds wonderful, the process of getting there is not that easy.
Here's how it can be easier for you!

Why Freelancing?

Freelancing is simply working for yourself independently.
What you need is a skill, a laptop and internet connection.

Here are some reasons why you should start:

- Independence, and time management.
- Working in what you love.
- Choosing your workload.
- Work-life balance.
- Money-making potential.

KNOW-HOW in 5 Steps

1) Find Your Talent!
Write a list of your skills, and then prioritize the list by which skills you want to get paid for the most. Your skills aren’t limited to just what you’ve been paid to do. Don't get limited, go beyond the  things you’ve already worked in, to things you’ve taught yourself, or even your hobbies.
And here’s a guide to some common freelancing fields that would inspire you.

2) Define Your Clients!
After identifying the most profitable and enjoyable skill for you, think about who’s going to pay you for it.
Examples: small businesses, restaurants, B2B companies, etc.

3) Build a Shining Portfolio!
Your work doesn’t always speak for itself. Write a clear and concise summary of the value you bring and the skills you have that make you a good choice for the job you’re looking for. Many jobs have come down to the client deciding which freelancer they liked more as a person than a candidate.

4) Grow Your Online Presence!
Sign up for a freelancing platform.
Getting clients to come to you won’t be easy at first, you should put a lot of time and effort into building your rating and reputation on those websites.
Read More about freelancing platforms according to your field from here.

5) Connections, Connections, Connections!
Build connections with people and business owners who could possibly need your service in the future.
Join platforms like Linkedin and share your work there.

6) Go Ahead with Your 1st Targeted Project!
You’re finally ready to start searching for gigs!
On a freelance platform, you have the opportunity to scope out the right job for you. While searching, read through each job post carefully and ensure the job fits your personal requirements. Some platforms have a daily or monthly application limit, so choose where to apply wisely.

7) Develop Yourself!
Keep your skills updated.
Check out online courses and gain some certifications, read a lot, continue networking, and most importantly seek challenging projects.

The previous points were jut your guide for being independent, it’s now the time for you to start!

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